Who are we?

Basil Bandwagon is an independent, locally owned business.  We are not a franchise or a chain! Owner Ralph Celebre has over twenty-five years in the natural foods and herbal medicine fields. Basil Bandwagon was opened in 1993, and has gone through two expansions, one in 1996 and one in 2003.  The store moved into its present location in 2003, after completing construction of its new space, which included many Green Building features.

Our Philosophy

We have a strong commitment to organic farming, have always gardened/farmed organically, and buy and sell only organically grown produce.  Our support for local organic farming stems from a respect for the earth as a living organism. To us, it seems an act of disrespect to spray petrochemical toxins on a living organism. We also believe genetic engineering should be eliminated from the agricultural system.

There is a fundamental problem with today's food distribution system, which is greatly contributing to ill health in our society. The practice of keeping food shelf-stable for years by using hydrogenated fat so that it may be distributed far and wide, is a major root cause of disease. It seems that simple economics have determined the quality of the food we eat.

Shelfs well stocked with organic food, supplements, health and beauty products, books, gifts, environmental products and even an organic juice and cappaccino bar.

Our Experience

Ralph Celebre, Registered Herbalist, A.H.G., has been studying herbs and herbal medicine since 1980. He studied formally at David Winston's School of Herbal Therapeutics for three years. He currently offers private consultations and as a service to his valued clientele, makes herbal extracts, and has taught an herbal medicine course for over 8 years.

About our Store

Basil Bandwagon is a complete natural foods market and your destination for a healthful one-stop-shopping experience. We offer an extensive selection of organic foods, vitamins and herbs, health & beauty products, books, and earth-friendly gifts. Biodegradable, solar, and recycled products round out our selection of sustainable goods for the conscious consumer.

Our organic deli offers a wide selection of take-out or eat-in organic, vegan, and vegetarian dishes. A delicious variety of freshly made juices, smoothies, soups, salads, veggie burgers and wraps are made fresh, wholesome, and to order at our organic juice bar.

Add to the enjoyment of your next celebration, business meeting, or event. Let us help take the stress out of entertaining. Catering is our specialty! All menus are custom- designed to meet your needs. Call 908-788-5737 and ask to speak with someone in the Farm to Market Cafe.

Basil Bandwagon is a haven for the price-wise customer. We offer a 10% discount on items sold in cases, a progressive vitamin discount policy, monthly and in-house specials, and a special discount for our senior customers on Tuesday.


Basil Bandwagon
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